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How to choose Fonts for Your Designs

When I was a beginner, I create designs. I create good designs having a good alignment, color balance but the designs were not quite well. Then I started to find the mistakes and errors, after about 7-8 days I realized that I was not able to choose The Perfect Fonts for my designs.

This happens to a lot of people. They have a lot of collections of fonts but they know only about 20 to 30 fonts maximum. 
 I say that every font has its emotion and feeling, we only need to understand that feeling. 

So the purpose of writing this article is to give you some knowledge of fonts and typography. I will try to keep the language as simple as possible so continue reading

How to choose Fonts for Your Designs

There are mainly 4 types of fonts 

1. Serif

2. Sans serif

3. Script

4. Display

While choosing any font for any design you should remember a few points.

• Expression And Emotion Of Design

• Targeted Audience 

• A Balance, Easily Readable

Let me know about these all types 

1. Serif: Serif is a small line or stroke regularly attached to the end of a larger stroke in a letter or symbol within a particular font or family of fonts. 
This type can be easily recognized in magazines, books, and formal stuff.

My opinion is that you should use this type in like formals, law-related things, business designs.
          Targeted Audiences are Government, 25 to 60 age group, Business class designs, print design, etc.

2. Sans Serif: Simply sans letterform is one that does not have to extend features called "serifs" at the end of strokes.
This typeface is in trend since last year. There are many new fonts in this type and they are mostly used to express emotions like Stability, Reliability, Business and can be easily seen in your social media feed......

Targeted Audiences are Modern Designs, 15 to 50 age group, Business class designs, Social Media Designs, etc.

3. Script Fonts: Script typefaces are based upon the varied and often fluid strokes created by handwriting. They are generally used for display or trade printing, rather than for extended body text in the Latin alphabet. 
So I use script fonts when I design modern thing and use for the targeted audience age of 15 to 30 because these are loved by those aged. 

Targeted Audiences are 15 to 40 age group, Social Media designs, sometimes in logos, etc.

4. Display Fonts: display typeface is a typeface that is intended for use at large sizes for headings, rather than for extended passages of body text.
So we can use display fonts as heading, main text, subline text, but not in the normal paragraph or normal text.

Targeted Audiences are all age groups, Business class designs, also used in the design for children, etc.

While choosing any font for any design you should remember a few points.

• Expression And Emotion Of Design

• Targeted Audience 

• A Balance, Easily Readable

You can download Premium fonts for free from our freebie  

When To Apply For Google Adsense

Earn Money With Blogging. Sounds cool! isn't it? 

That is the fantasy of each blogger to get AdSense endorsed. 

But, That is difficult. Google AdSense is extremely exacting with regards to favoring new applications. Everybody is attempting to deceive AdSense to get endorsed so they have made the interaction hard. 

Try not to stress. I'm With You. 

In this article, I will impart to you all that you require to do prior to applying for the Google AdSense program to really get affirmed. 

When To Apply For Google Adsense

Some regular inquiries that you may have about Google AdSense are… 

How to apply for Google AdSense? 

Does my blog meet all requirements for AdSense or not? 

Am I qualified to apply for Google AdSense? 

What are Google AdSense prerequisites? 

Why Google AdSense dismissed my application? 

What to do if Google AdSense rejects my application?

Basic AdSense Rejection Reasons 

Here are the most well-known dismissal reasons and Google AdSense necessities that you should remember before we dive into subtleties. 

1. Insufficient Content/Unacceptable site content 

Your site needs more content for Google experts to survey. 

Google gives a great deal of significant worth and regards for the content of the blog prior to tolerating it. In the event that the content is ineffectively composed and has linguistic errors, Google will dismiss the blog immediately. 

Not just the content should be linguistically right, it should be extraordinary and needs to offer some incentive to the clients and perusers of the blog. So the main explanation is the ineffectively composed content on your blog. 

2. Page Type/Design of your blog 

How will you respond in the event that you land a page with a full radiant yellow foundation with white content on it, having immense fastens everywhere? 

Indeed, you'll never visit that site again. 

Online journals which are inadequately planned and are difficult for the guests to comprehend gets dismissed by Google AdSense. You should have a decent and flawless plan which comforts the eye and is excellent in the look. 

3. No Privacy Policy, About Us or Contact Us page 

There are a few pages which you should have prior to applying to Google AdSense on the off chance that you need to get acknowledged. 

These are about us, security strategy, and reach our pages. These pages give the feeling that you are an expert and that you are working as indicated by the Google strategies. Remember that having a protection page is likewise one of the necessities for Google AdSense. 

4. Site Does Not Comply With Google AdSense Policies 

No rich, remarkable and significant content, no natural traffic, pages with next to zero unique content or awful client experience through clear route and association. 

Your site might be the one that drives traffic through illicit sources, locales with inordinate watchwords or ineffectively coded configurations are normally dismissed. 

So you need a total direction and rundown of things that you need to do prior to applying for Google AdSense.

Things To Do Before Applying for AdSense 

1. Compose High-Quality Content 

The #1 thing you need to do prior to applying for Google AdSense is to compose great substance. This is a vital thing which you can't overlook at any expense. I would not joke about this! 

An excellent substance… 

is exceptional and unique 

with appropriate headings and slug records 

liberated from syntax and spelling botches 

is sufficiently long 

helpful and useful 

Accommodating assets: 

2. Make a Privacy Policy Page for Your Blog 

One of the normal errors that most new bloggers. Despite the fact that there are individuals out there who say that having a security strategy for a blog doesn't bode well yet they are incorrect! 

The main thing you should apply for Google AdSense and get endorsement is the protection strategy of your blog or site. On the off chance that you don't have it you can't get endorsement basic is that. 

3. Make About Page 

Like security strategy, you should have an about page so you can get endorsed. This likewise shows that there is a genuine individual behind the blog. 

An About page has a significant job and significance regardless of whether you would prefer not to apply for AdSense. Be that as it may, with regards to AdSense, they are around zero odds of getting endorsed on the off chance that you are not appearance this page. 

About page essentially portrays you and your blog. This won't just assist you with building up a relationship with perusers however it will likewise make them trust you. 

4. Arrangement A Contact Us Page 

It's very clear that everybody has his/her own assessment. 

What one of your peruser's preferences might be annoying another person. At that point, it is smarter to offer them a chance to talk dependent upon you and enlighten how they feel regarding your blog, what they need to be altered, what they preferred or loathed. 

Make a contact page, if conceivable add your email that you will apply for Google AdSense. In the event that conceivable do get some expert email tends to like Jatin@jatintiwari.in and your social profile connects as well. 

By making this you are disclosing to Google that we care for our clients, guests and we are prepared to help them. They can reach us whenever. 

It will likewise show the Google AdSense Team that is seeing your site that you really care about your perusers and not just the cash and AdSense. 

5. Have a Clear Navigation Menu 

One significant advance: Google AdSense specifies in their dismissal email that your site ought to have a reasonable route menu to help your perusers discover your pages and access the substance before you consider applying again for AdSense. 

Thus, what you've to accomplish is to chip away at your menu by adding immensely significant classifications and pages i.e about us, reach us, and security strategy to assist your perusers with tracking down the substance that they are searching for. The more you care about improving your guest's experience the higher your odds will be to get endorsed by AdSense. 

6. Have Some Good Number Of Posts 

What ought to be the base number of posts prior to applying for Google AdSense? There is no affirmed answer. 

Not so much as one. 

Since I have seen extremely settled web journals with 300+ posts and their proprietor disclosing to me that Google AdSense is dismissing them while someplace bloggers with few posts or even under 10 are appreciating bringing in cash with AdSense. 

Precisely, what I said that there is no genuine answer. Be that as it may, we can generally foresee things. 

As indicated by my experience, the best and ideal opportunity to apply for an AdSense account is the point at which you have at any rate 20 great quality posts. Your blog entry's length ought to be at any rate 600+ words with quality substance. 

Basic and clean plan 

Simple to explore the blog 

Remarkable specialty 

Detail content 

No "undesirable" gadgets 

the base necessity for posts 

7. Ensure You're 18+ 

This is the mix-up that new bloggers are making who are under 18. They compose off base age and stumble into difficulty. 

Utilize your right date of birth and age while applying for a Google AdSense account. 

Since Google AdSense isn't for individuals who are under 18. A few groups understand this issue subsequent to being negated a couple of times with no authentic explanation. 

So I encourage you to be exact while composing your age. 

8. Improve Your Blog Design 

As referenced before, your blog configuration matters a ton. It ought to be proficient dislike an untidy photograph exhibition. A spotless, expert and quick stacking configuration is valued by Google. 

When you visit a site what's the primary thing you search for? It's a blog plan. 

You've to construct a decent initial feeling on your blog perusers to draw in them. 

Your blog configuration is the greatest thing after content. This addresses your skill, experience, and polished methodology. It ought to have the accompanying highlights: 

Straightforward and proficient 

Simple to explore 

Appropriate menus 

No pointless things in sidebar or footer 

Web search tool agreeable 

Quick stacking 

So be cautious since anything can murder your odds of getting endorsed by AdSense. 

There are a huge number of sites that give free proficient-looking topics to your blog. You should simply look for them. 

Assuming you're on WordPress self-facilitated blog, I suggest getting a superior topic from MyThemeShop. 

What's more, assuming you are as yet utilizing Blogspot, there are numerous extraordinary sites where you can discover free proficient-looking blogger formats for your blog. 

Look at my post on the motivations to put more cash in your blog. 

9. Check Your Content-Type 

Be cautious with what sort of substance you are distributing. Since it is something that really matters. 

Here are some normal substance types that are not acknowledged by AdSense. 

Porn/Adult materials 

Pilfered Content 

Hacking or Cracking Tutorials 

Illicit Drugs/Paraphernalia 

Some other Illegal Stuff 

There are not many dialects that are upheld by AdSense so ensure your blog language is in the rundown of these.

These Reasons and suggestions are from my own experience. Check Out Adsense Policies

Earnings at risk - You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue. - FIXED

Earnings at risk - You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue. - FIXED

When Google AdSense alerts you that you need to put an ads.txt you don't need to worry that your ad revenue from Google AdSense will decline, or the ads will not appear. The ads still can be viewed by your visitor and they still can click on them. It is just a warning to you that you don't have ads.txt as requirements to help ensure that your digital ad inventory is only sold through sellers (such as AdSense) who you've identified as authorized.

A. How to add ads.txt on Blogger

Here are some steps to place ads.txt on Blogger:

1. Sign in to your AdSense account.

2. In the alert on your homepage, click Fix Now.

3. Click the Down arrow to open the "Create an ads.txt file for..." message.

4. download ads.txt and open in a text editor

5. copy the contents

6. Now, login to blogger.com

7. Menu Settings, Search preferences

8. Scroll to the Monetization section

9. Custom ads.txt, edit

10. Enable custom ads.txt content, check Yes

11. Now paste the ads.txt contents to the box

11. Save changes

12. Check by visiting yourdomain.com/ads.txt, if the ads.txt appears it means you have successfully place ads.txt on your blog. You don't need to do anything, the warning on the Google AdSense dashboard will disappear in hours or so.

A. On other platforms

If you are not using blogger and you have access to your server file manager. Simply just download the ads.txt and then using file manager with access of your server, upload it directly to the root web folder. Then check yourdomain.com/ads.txt if it successfully opens ads.txt.

1. Sign in to your AdSense account.

2. In the alert on your homepage, click Fix Now.

3. Click the Down arrow to open the "Create an ads.txt file for..." message.

4. Click Download. Your ads.txt file is automatically downloaded.

5. Upload the file to the root level domain of your site (for example, https://example.com/ads.txt).

AdSense earnings from your blog will not be suspended in the process you uploading ads.txt.

How to send message to unsaved numbers without adding contact on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is quite possibly the most mainstream informing applications on the planet and keeping in mind that it's truly simple to use, there's one disturbance that has baffled us for seemingly forever. Step-by-step instructions to send messages without numbers in WhatsApp, or how to send WhatsApp messages without adding a contact. As fundamental as it sounds, there's no authority workaround to send WhatsApp messages to unsaved numbers. 

How to send message to unsaved numbers without adding contact on Whatsapp

This is a significant element since heaps of WhatsApp security settings are confined to "My Contacts" and you may not need each irregular individual saved in your telephone directory to have the option to see your profile picture, for instance. That is the reason we will disclose to you how to send WhatsApp messages without adding a contact. 

There are some outsider applications out there that let you send messages on WhatsApp without adding contact however utilizing these applications isn't suggested as it can bargain your security, and may even get your WhatsApp account prohibited. Along these lines, it is in every case better to avoid such applications and not put your cell phone's security in danger. Here's the means by which to send WhatsApp messages without adding a contact. 

WhatsApp: How to send message to unsaved numbers without adding contact 

The primary technique we are going to recommend works for both Android and iOS. All you need to is follow a couple of straightforward strides on any program and you're all set. So, here's the manner by which you can send WhatsApp messages to unsaved numbers without adding a contact. 

Open your phone's browser. 

Now you can copy and paste this link http://wa.me/xxxxxxxxxx, or this link — http://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=xxxxxxxxxx in the address bar.

In the place of ‘xxxxxxxxxx', you'll need to enter the phone number along with the country code, so if the number you want to message is +919911111111 then the link becomes http://wa.me/919911111111. Over here, the first two digits (91) is India's country code followed by the mobile number of the person.
Once you have typed the link, tap enter to open the link.
Next, you'll see a WhatsApp webpage with the recipient's phone number and a green Message button. Tap the green message button and you'll be redirected to WhatsApp.
That's it, you can now WhatsApp people without adding a contact.

Metatags - The Pillers of On-Page SEO

Metatags - The Pillers of On-Page SEO

Metatags in 2020 - The Pillers of On-Page SEO

Meta tags are the snippet text which contains information about the webpage in HTML of the document. The Information which Meta tags contain is called "METADATA".

This information is not visible on the webpage but it is read by Search Engines & Web Crawlers like Google. These use metatags to read the properties and additional information about the Website.

Meta Tags are always Placed below  <head> tag

The Most Important Metatags 

1. Title tag

2. Meta description  

3. Canonical Tag  

4. Alternative text (Alt) Tag

5. Robots meta tag  

6. Social Media Meta Tags (Open Graph and Twitter Cards)  

7. Header tags  

8. Responsive Design Meta Tag

How To Check MetaTags

The easiest way to check metatags of any websites press "ctrl+u" or right-click then select "view page source". There you can locate the metatags under <head> Tag.

Some Google Recommended MetaTags

Copy These tags and paste them into your header section.

<meta content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1' name='viewport'/>
<!-- Primary Meta Tags -->
<title> </title>
<meta content='' name='title'/>
<meta content='' name='description'/>

<!-- Open Graph / Facebook -->
<meta content='websiteproperty='og:type'/>
<meta content='' property='og:url'/>
<meta content='' property='og:title'/>
<meta content=''/>
<meta content='' property='og:image'/>

<!-- Twitter -->
<meta content='summary_large_imageproperty='twitter:card'/>
<meta content='' property='twitter:url'/>
<meta content='' property='twitter:title'/>
<meta content=''/>
<meta content='' property='twitter:image'/>

Write Details of your website in
 ' '.

For More Details, You Can Contact Me On Instagram.

Hybrid Android Launcher - Free Download

It's been 3 years since I am using my oppo phone. And the default color os launcher.
Now I am fed up with this. So, I decided to change the default Launcher.
Technology launcher for android

After searching google, I found 3-4 launcher apps but I choose the following one because of some reasons.
1. I am a tech lover ☺️ so I wanted a technology-related launcher.
2. The design and UI are very attractive.
3. Easy to use
4. Slider and widgets
5. Too light.
6. Free themes, app lock, hide app, etc.

The Launcher is Alpha Hybrid Launcher

Some more technical information 
Alpha Hybrid app information


Features And Description

Best home screen replacement and customization with DIY, icons packs,lock hide app

⚡️ Safest Launcher on Play Store, we do not store or take your personal stuff , information, contacts , location , media, we only take permission to show your personal stuff within your phone only, we are the only launcher that don't sell or save your data

• love simplicity and class? try android's new Futuristic Hitech UI home screen interface with amazing customization to make you look class apart

• Alpha Launcher can bring your favorite stuff on home screen in circular look , install it once to get the best launcher of all time on android platform

•  Our challenge - use it for 2 days and you wont resist to use any other launcher

• Your own Voice Assistant ⚡️ it complete tasks for you like reading your unread sms ,making appointments ,alarms, setting reminder, mathematics calculations and more

• Get thousands of options to choose from your Favorite Premium Futuristic Themes , Wallpapers with Live Wallpapers Themes and Alpha DIY Customization's ❤️ Do it yourself feature 
• Get Inbuilt Free Phone Dialer , One touch inbuilt integrated Free music player - control any music app from alpha launcher , Lock your apps with fingerprint , Hide Apps for more personalization , phone memory cleaner - ⚡️ Phone Booster - speed up your phone feature

•  Unread Notification Badges support, Easy calendar & Weather widget notifications, Get System widgets support , Alpha launcher own pre-made Widgets features

• Multiple Language support in up to 99+ language, Worldwide News updates in 23+ languages and 23+ countries , Category wise app Sorting for your apps in 16+ predefined categories, Apply Cool fonts specially chosen for you , Amazing futuristic Sounds to suit your class

•  Icon Packs to Alpha launcher app icons,Multiple Gesture Support⚡️ Double Tap, swipe up,down,right 

•  Alpha Search ⚡️ gives you the precise results on your search, it searches web , apps,contacts, files,settings, google search, and more
(Source: Google Playstore)

Remove Image Background In Just 1 Tap

Remove background online

Yes, the title is not just a clickbait

You Can Remove 100% Background within 10 seconds.

There are approximately 20 million more interesting activities than removing backgrounds

Remove .bg

Best Laptops For Designers

Best Laptops For Designers

Best Laptop For Graphic Designers 2021

Best Laptops For Graphic Design 2021

For a Graphic Designer, a laptop or desktop is just like the weapon of a soldier in the war, because it is a challenging job that requires serious hardware and software. And when you buy any laptop or desktop you are confused about which one is best. So here I will describe to you what you should remember while buying a PC or laptop. SO Let's GO.....

How should we select which is best for us? 

The overall performance of any device depends on the Processor, RAM and Storage Drive

The Processor

The processor is the main part of the brain that helps to run multiple applications smoothly. There are numerous processes but the most suitable processor for graphic design laptops are Core i5, Core i7, AMD ryzen, and Intel Xeon.


RAM i.e. random Access memory is the hardware that stores the data on the computer when storing data computer for the temporary time period when the computer is switched off all the RAM get lost and when we will restart the computer it will work like new RAM. In other words, we can say RAM helps the processor in processing data and give a good performance for the laptop or a digital device.


The storage device is also used to store data but it is different from Ram because it can store data permanently. I recommend that you should use SSD because the booting time of SSD is faster than hard drives


Choosing the correct screen is also so important because it gives you the quality according to me a screen with higher resolution and detailed color accuracy is good.  A 15-inch screen is perfect for Designer

Battery Life

The main motive of choosing a laptop is the battery and portability because we can carry it anywhere and work from anywhere so battery life is also an important factor of choosing a good laptop according to me normal battery life should be 12 to 14 hours which is perfect for a day

8 Best Laptops For Graphic Design 2021

1. Apple MacBook Pro

2. Microsoft Surface Book 2

3. Dell XPS 15

4. Acer Predator

5. Lenovo Yoga

6. Asus ROG Strix  2

7. Dell Inspiration 13.3

8. Hp ZBook Studio G5

These are the 8 best laptops for Graphic Designers.

                                                                     Jatin Tiwari

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Social Media Post Design

Social Media Banner/ Poster

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Pizza Hut : Poster Design

Pizza Hut : Poster Design

Pizza Poster Design

Pizza Poster Design

Airtel X-Stream Poster Design



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